About Us

Our Mandate:

We love camping, the outdoors and providing you the right gear to get you there and back. We are first and foremost the premier customcanvas and PVC outfitters in Botswana, plus we are now exclusive country wide distributors for the LA Sport brand of 4x4 vehicle accessories.

Our Objective:

To provide superior crafted outdoor and 4x4 products that are built to last, are reliable and function really well.

Our values are vital to who we are, how we treat our customers and guides the way we conduct our business. We have five values core to The Jolly Bushman Botswana:

  • Accountability:

    We say what we believe and do what we say. We act with integrity and honesty. We are accountable for our actions.

  • Responsibility:

    We promote and safe guard the health, safety and wellness of each team member.

  • TeamWork:

    We grow and prosper by thinking, acting and communicating as a team. We share ideas and successes, listen to our colleagues and team members. We are committed to developing a meaningful work experiences for all.

  • Innovation:

    We challenge conventional thinking, explore new ideas and avenues for growth. We are entrepreneurs who take initiative to implement ideas to further satisfy customers.

  • Excellence:

    We pursue continual improvement and excellence in everything we do, focusing on quality and functionality of our products.

Humble Beginnings:

The Jolly Bushman started as a small, custom canvas product manufacturer with only a couple of employees in the late 1990's.  It was under foreign ownership and originally was founded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, but moved to Francistown in early 2000. Over the years, The Jolly Bushman Botswana steadily grew, as quality and good customer service proved to be key in establishing a strong reputation amongst customers.  The number of employees also grew from 2 to nearly 12 full time machinists, then stabilized around 7 in 2012, where it stayed until the ownership change in 2015. We now employ 11 full time staff and continue to grow with the addition of our LA Sport line of 4x4 products.

The company's first commercial location was located in the Dumela Industrial site for a number of years until the company's recent sale in 2015 by the current owners, Mary-Jane and Jordan Vince. The company is now 100% citizen owned and has its PPADB registration.  The first day under new ownership, The Jolly Bushman Botswana opened in their new current location in the heart of the light industrial area of Francistown.  The shop is located between Sharps Electrical Service and Francistown Panelbeaters.  The benefits of moving to the new location were noticed immediately by customers.  The building had much better access, paved parking, big large bay doors and bright windows, much larger and cleaner manufacturing environment and proper storage areas for the material.  We also built a show room area to display our products and demonstrate our capabilities. 2015 witnessed many changes beyond on our location and construction improvements.  We built social media tools to better hear from our customers, created brochures, designed a website with e-commerce capabilities for those not able to visit our showroom, added Visa swipemachines to make it easier for customers to pay, added a fitment centre and become the Botswana distributors of the LA Sport brand of 4x4 vehicle accessories.

Our Future:

Our future looks bright. We have a strong, core team and are always on the look-out for those who share our values and passion for building great products and providing excellent customer service. We are developing partnerships with companies in other communities to stock Jolly Bushman Botswana and LA Sport products. We are able to supply government tenders and large-scale orders for all things canvas and PVC. We have our finger on the pulse of electronic commerce and mobile communication technology.We are striving for growth and want to further offer our customers with quality products and always looking forways to improve the way we do things. We have pride in being a 100% citizen owned company.